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What happens when synthesised matter of “Pure” comes in contact with the real world transforming everything into absolute “Pure”? What can we expect?Sure enough, like King Midas (from Greek mythology) painfully understood there is a difference in pursuing an utopia and witnessing one.The impact of “Pure”, in it’s purest form would destroy all of the world’s imperfections and all the un-purity that allows life to exist.Life is built brick upon brick of imperfections. So it’s safe to say, that If something becomes flawlessly pure, it also becomes unmutated, with no evolution, and makes no more sense in existing.As a society we are in many ways obsessed with the purity of things, making us to take decisions, a lot of times, from a wrong point of view. While embracing that pure is an utopia would probably help us evolve faster.
In the end, nothing is pure.
Gramm – Save the Pure

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