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In 2020, man’s technological capabilities reached the average potential processing power of the human brain. It wasn’t so long after, that the equivalent of all human thought to have ever transpired throughout time, would come to pass in but a fleeting moment. We became omniscient, and boundless in our capabilities. With this power, we transcended the limitations of our purely biological human bodies and minds through the ability to infinitely enhance, rebuild and be reborn into synthetic versions of ourselves. We became interminable, perpetual in our existence.”

“Transcendence” is an abstract, stylised, monochromatic editorial sequence based on the concept of being reborn into a synthetic version of ourselves. It mixes bold graphical and typographical elements with both macro and stylised shots of a human. The visual captures an interplay between biological, organic compounds and technological components interfaced with the human body to illustrate a possible future human self.


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